Orders to Withdraw Minor Funds from The Court’s Registry Information

Unless otherwise provided by statute or rule, each withdrawal from registry funds, including cash bail bond refunds, requires a written order of the Court. §117.053, LGC

If you have any questions on the process, status of refund, or tracking number for mailed checks, please call the Bookkeeping Department at (210) 335-1246 or (210) 335-2483 with your case number or name and date of birth.

We are required by Texas Local Government Code 117.054 to pay 10 percent of the interest earned on the investment to the general fund of the county. All orders to withdraw funds from the court’s registry, less any applicable administrative fee will normally be released within fifteen business days. If you have any questions regarding this process please contact the Bookkeeping Department of the Bexar County Clerk’s Office at (210) 335-2483 or (210) 335-1246 or via email at bookkeeping1@bexar.org.

See Map of the Courthouse and the Frequently Asked Questions

If you have funds in the registry, have turned 18 and wish to withdraw those funds, the Bookkeeping Department requires the following:


  • An original or certified copy of your birth certificate
  • Form W-9
  • Valid government issued identification (photocopy if application is mailed): state issued driver’s license, DPS I.D. receipt, state identification card, passport, military ID
  • Social Security Card (photocopy if application is mailed)
  • Affidavit To Withdraw Funds from the Courts Registry (if requesting by mail)



Send the requirements and indicate the mail option in the Application To Withdraw Funds From The Bexar County Registry. Mail the items to the following address:

Bexar County Clerk
ATTN: Bookkeeping
100 Dolorosa St. 104
San Antonio, Texas 78205



Change of Address

Each year we will mail out a 1099-INT if his/her account earned $10.00 or more, therefore it is important to maintain an updated address. In addition, one month prior to the minor’s 18th birthday, a letter will be mailed to the minor in reference to the payout process. To update an address with the Court Registry, write a brief letter notifying our office of the new address and mail the letter to:

Bexar County Clerk
ATTN: Bookkeeping
100 Dolorosa St. 104
San Antonio, Texas 78205

You may also contact our office directly at
210-335-2483 or 210-335-1246.

Accounting Statements

Each year we will mail out a 1099-INT for your minor if his/her account earned $10.00 or more in interest. A 1099-INT Form is mailed out on or before January 31st of each year. If you have not received your minor’s 1099-INT form, please contact us at (210) 335-2483 or (210) 335-1246.

Map of Bexar County Courthouse, Justice Center & Paul Elizondo Tower (PET)

There are two buildings connected to the courthouse. Building 1 is the courthouse. Building 2 is the Justice Center. Building 3 is the Paul Elizondo Tower (PET).

There is a tunnel located in the basement. The tunnel connects the courthouse to the Justice Center (see the dotted lines below). To access the tunnel, go through the sliding glass doors located next to the elevators in the basement of the courthouse. To enter the PET from the Justice center, go across the courtyard.

How do I check to see if there are funds in the registry for me or someone?

The County Clerk’s Office provides a search tool that can be used to search for unclaimed funds held by the County Clerk’s office for criminal, civil, and probate cases. You can search by entering a last name or by entering a case number.

I was awarded money that was deposited in a lawsuit, how do I obtain it?

Present a certified copy of the court order to the Bookkeeping Department. For more details, refer to the “ORDERS TO WITHDRAW FUNDS FROM THE COURT’S REGISTRY INFORMATION” document.

There used to be money in the registry for me but it was escheated to the State, now what?

Funds that were escheated to the State may be claimed from the State Comptroller's Unclaimed Property Division. Some funds may require further court action. Visit https://claimittexas.org for more details or contact the State Comptroller at 1-800-654-3463

What is the status of my check?

Please contact our office at (210) 335-2483 or (210) 335-1246 with details of your request, such as case number or payable name. We can provide a certified mail tracking number as well.

I haven’t received my 1099-INT form, what is the status of it?

A 1099-INT Form is mailed out on or before January 31st of each year.
NOTE: 1099-INT’s are only issued by banks if the account earned more than $10.00 in interest during the calendar year.
If you have not received your minor’s 1099-INT form, please contact us at (210) 335-2483 or (210) 335-1246.

How long will it take before I can receive my money?

The normal processing time for all checks disbursed is up to 15 business days.

Can I request my money be transferred to my bank account instead of a check?

No, you will receive a check from the Bexar County Clerk’s Office.

My check was less than what was deposited, why is that?

Please note an administrative expense shall be deducted from each withdrawal, depending on the type of withdrawal. The deduction is not optional. It is required by Local Government Code § 117.054 and § 117.055.

Where is your office located?

We are located at 100 Dolorosa St. in San Antonio, Texas 78205. Our office is located in the original courthouse (green tiled roof) in the basement level towards the north end of the building. We are directly across from the Civil Department of the County Clerk’s Office. See map of the Courthouse